Mike's Bio

I was born in the lower region of the mitten in the state known as Michigan but moved to Alaska before I was one. I attended the Anchorage School District for 11 years and did home-school for 2 years. In a similar manner to Bilbo, I left home to embark on an adventure, but mine was to earn a degree in Business Administration with a minor in Computer Science. I returned to Anchorage and worked a few jobs, including Boys and Girls Club of Alaska, the Alaska Natives Science and Engineering Program, and being a substitute teacher for the ASD. I decided to continue working in education and attended UAA to earn a Masters of Arts In Teaching degree and my state teaching license. I became employed by the same district I graduated from and taught math, yearbook, and photography at the high school and middle school levels.

While I was a classroom teacher I enlisted with the Alaska Army National Guard. I spent my 33rd birthday in Basic Training. Fortunately my birthday fell on Thanksgiving so I was able to enjoy a birthday dinner in the five minutes allotted. I am currently serving as a Public Affairs Mass Communication Specialist for the 134th Public Affairs Detachment.

While I worked for the ASD I was a proud member of the Anchorage Education Association and NEA-Alaska. I was on the contract bargaining team for AEA which secured a three year contract with advancements in language and monetary gains. I was also on the AEA board of directors. As an educator hired after June 2006, I was a TRS Tier III member and understand the difficult financial position faced by over half of Alaska’s teachers.

After leaving the ASD I went on to work for Hope Community Resources and then Cook Inlet Tribal Council. I currently work in CITC’s educational fabrication lab where I design and implement science, technology, engineering, and math projects which have cultural connections.

After taking several tests, I am officially a Ravenclaw. My wife, a Hufflepuff, is in complete agreement with the test results.

Captain Picard is my favorite Star Trek captain and I love reading Terry Pratchett books while drinking hot Earl Gray tea.

I enjoy hiking, running my photography business, bowling, spending time with my dog Loki, playing with twisty puzzles (Rubik's Cubes), escape rooms, and indoor rowing in which I currently hold a US record for the marathon distance.

This bio does not imply endorsement by the Department of Defense, the Army, the Alaska National Guard, NEA-Alaska, AEA, any of my current or former employers, former educational institutions, or any authors.